We thank all of our planned giving donors.  Here are some of their stories that led them to create endowed, named funds for research, financial aid and professorships.

Chris Ronk

Christopher James Ronk, SM ’08, SD ‘10

Dr. Christopher James Ronk SM '08, SD '10 has named Harvard Chan School’s financial aid fund as the beneficiary of his retirement account.
Dr. Joseph C. Cappelleri

Dr. Joseph C. Cappelleri, MPH ‘93

Dr. Joseph C. Cappelleri, MPH ’93, has infectious energy. He is a dynamic advocate for a higher purpose in his full-time work at Pfizer Inc., his teaching at Brown University and the University of Connecticut, and his volunteer work as an alumni interviewer for Harvard College.
Len Kirschner and Peggy Gilbert

Dr. Leonard J. Kirschner, MD, MPH ’68 and Peggy D. Gilbert

Dr. Leonard J. Kirschner, MPH ’68 was a member of Ross McFarland’s pioneering aerospace medicine program at the School in the late 1960s, then Len went on to a career focused on public health that spanned decades.
Edward Green

Edward Crocker Green, PDS ‘02

Edward Crocker Green, PDS ’02, admits he was a rebellious kid. He learned to ride horses and bicycles while a youngster living in Sweden, read books under the covers after “lights out” in boarding school, and hung out with the most independent-minded (and most badly behaved) kids in his high school class in Seoul, Korea.
Peter and Ellen Zane

Ellen and Peter Zane

Ellen and Peter Zane are dedicated to making the world healthier and safer, and they are being deliberate about their philanthropic goals.
Fong Wang Clow

Fong Wang Clow, SM ’86, SD ‘89

Fong Wang Clow, SM ’86, SD ’89, came to the School a long way from China’s countryside, where she planted and harvested rice by hand in leech-infested fields and worked as a barefoot doctor doing her best to handle the medical needs of her village during the Cultural Revolution.
Hasi Majumdar Venkatachalam

Hasi Majumdar Venkatachalam, MD, MPH ‘68

The odds were stacked against her. Although she graduated from medical school in India in a class of about 40 percent women, women made up only 4 percent of medical students in the U.S. when Hasi Majumdar Venkatachalam, MD, MPH ’68, came here for her internal medicine residency in 1965.
Ronald and Marilyn Walter

Marilyn R. and Ronald A. Walter, SM ‘72

Ronald A. Walter, SM ’72, and his wife, Marilyn R. Walter, have established a gift trust to create a named, endowed financial aid fund for future students. We met with Ron in New York to learn more about his life’s work and how he found a gift trust to be his preferred way of making a difference for the Harvard Chan School.
Professor John A. Quelch

Professor John A. Quelch, DBA ’77, SM ’78 and Joyce Quelch

“I owe a lot to the School of Public Health,” John A. Quelch, DBA ’77, SM ‘78 says. “And that is why my wife and I decided to create a named professorship during the Campaign.”
Santiago Medina

Santiago Medina, MD, MPH ‘97

Santiago Medina, MPH ’97, should be considered a Renaissance man. Not only does he have an active family and a busy practice as a pediatric neuroradiologist, in addition to presenting at major professional meetings and writing books on evidence-based imaging, he is also an accomplished sculptor and painter with studios in Miami, Italy, and Colombia.
Stanley Bohrer

Stanley P. Bohrer, MD ’58, MPH ‘75

Stanley P. Bohrer, MD ’58, MPH ’75, is a physician and 1913 Society member whose career has taken him around the world, introduced him to cultures he embraced, and imbued him with an appreciation for what the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health stands for.