When you create a bequest, life-income gift for yourself or other loved ones, or any other type of planned gift for the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, you automatically become a member of the 1913 Society—named for the founding year of the Harvard Chan School. New members of the 1913 Society receive a lapel pin and a special welcome packet, and all members receive invitations to exclusive events and news on a quarterly basis.

We are proud that the donors listed below have deemed the Harvard Chan School worthy of a planned gift. Thank you for making the future of the Harvard Chan School a part of your legacy.

If you think you should (or should not) be listed here, please let us know by email at tclin@hsph.harvard.edu or phone us at 617-432-8436.

Anonymous (14)
Don Abramowitz, SM ’82
Joanne H. Allport, MPH ’87
Nelson K. Aweh III
Yalcin Ayasli, SD ’73
Joan R. Baer and Arthur Bugs Baer
Amy C. Barkin, MPH ’76
Dr. Susanna E. Bedell
Judith Benfari and
Robert C. Benfari, SM ’67
Eugene P. Berg, Jr.
Rita D. Berkson, SM ’77, and
Randolph B. Reinhold
Mrs. William McCormick Blair, Jr.
Barry R. Bloom
Stanley P. Bohrer, MD ’58, MPH ’75
Gary P. Bond, AB ’73, SM ’76
Dr. Joe Brain
Paul R. Branch, SM ’82
Gretchen H. Bullock and
John D. Bullock, MD ’68, MPH ’03
Annette B. Burke and
Joseph A. Burke, SM ’72
Deanna L. Byck, SD ’98
Dr. Joseph C. Cappelleri, MPH ’93
Mr. Eric Clow and
Dr. Fong Wang Clow, SM ’86, SD ’89
Prudence Slitor Crozier, PhD ’71,
and William M. Crozier, Jr., MBA ’63
Joan P. Curhan and
Ronald C. Curhan, MBA ’57, DBA ’71
Joan Selig Damson and
Barrie M. Damson
Jean M. Doherty-Greenberg, MPH ’79,
and David A. Greenberg, MPH ’80
Lena E. Dohlman-Gerhart, MD, MPH ’93
Mary K. Donaldson
Mike and Evelyn Donatelli
Patricia A. Donovan 
Andrea J.C.L. Downey
William B. Donovan, SM ’70
G. Rita Dudley-Grant, MPH ’84

Nancy Elliott and Paul T. Johnston
Susan A. Elliott and Pat Nicolette
Sarah and Stephen Eraker
Morad Nabiel Fareed
Sumner L. Feldberg
James D. Felsen, MPH ’72
Dr. Harvey V. Fineberg and
Dr. Mary E. Wilson
Michael and Kiar First
Niki Friedberg and A. Alan Friedberg
Dr. Barbara A. Gales, MD, MPH ’91
Edward Crocker Green, PDS ’02
Lt. Cmd. Julie George, MPH ’94
Douglas I. Hammer, MPH ’68, DPH ’76
Peter O. Haughie, SM ’98
Francis Helminski, MPH ’85
Dr. Charles H. Hennekens, MPH ’72,
DPH ’75, SM ’75
Maria Helena Henriques-Mueller, SD ’84
Bayard and Julie Henry, MPH ’91
James F. Henry
Jose R. Hernandez-Montoya, MPH ’80
Olive W. Holmes
Robin C. Herman and Paul F. Horvitz
Dr. Ping Hu, SM ’93, SD ’96, and
Mr. Jie Zhao
Professor George Hutchison, MPH ’60
Joan L. Jacobson and
Julius H. Jacobson II
Nancy Johnson and
Timothy Johnson, MD, MPH ’76
Marion A. Jordan, SM ’77
Apa Juntavee, MPH ’95
Nancy M. Kaelber and
Charles T. Kaelber, MD, MPH ’67, DPH ’69
Dr. Chander Mukhi Kapoor Kapasi,
MPH ’75, and Dr. Onaly Kapasi
Joel Kavet, MPH, ScD ’72
Stephen B. Kay, AB ’56, MBA ’58
Maurice E. Keenan, MPH ’77
Leonard J. Kirschner, MD, MPH ’68,
and Peggy D. Gilbert
Cholthanee Koerojna and Mana Sanguausook
Geoffrey Kronik
Karim F. Lalji, SM ’91
Stanley N. Lapidus
Mary Ann Lavin, SM ’74, SD ’78
Martha P. Leape and
Dr. Lucian L. Leape, MD ’59

Paul S. Lee, Jr.
Ann M. Lewicki, MPH ’76
Chunhua Liu, SM ’98, SD ’00
Shih-Ho Lue, MPH ’08
Nancy J. Marr, SM ’89
Keitaro Matsuo, SM ’03
Shaw McDermott
Steven Uranga McKane, MPH ’79
Marjorie J. McLemore
Jeffrey W. Mecaskey, SM ’90
L. Santiago Medina, MD, MPH ’97, and
Olga L. Villegas-Medina, MD, MPH
Nyla Medlock
Roger J. Meyer, MPH ’59
Joseph M. Miller, AB ’42, MD ’45, MPH ’60
Drs. Katharine E. Morley, MPH ’10, and
Michael G. Morley, SM ’11
Dr. Robert Emmet Morris, MPH ’86 and
Angela Diana Morris
Royce Moser, Jr., MPH ’65
Marva Nathan, SM ’83
Deirdre O’Connor, MPH ’63
Chong Moo Park, MPH ’54
Mary Preyer
Joyce A. Quelch and
Professor John A. Quelch, SM ’78
Kakaraparti V. Rao, SM ’72
Christopher James Ronk, SM ’08, SD ’10
Donald J. Rosato, MD, MPH ’63
Phyllis Rose
Dr. Annie Jeanne M M Sasco, MPH ’79, SM ’80, DrPH ‘86
Louise M. Schloerb
Vern L. Schramm, SM’ 65 and Deanna D. Schramm
Steven Shama, MPH ‘74  and Jeannie Lindheim Shama
Marjorie W. Sharmat
Bernard Shleien, SM ’63
Eleanor G. Shore, MPH ’70
Joan Smilow and Joel E. Smilow
Sandi Snegireff
Dr. Hope Snider, MPH ’64
Isabelle Valadian, MPH ’53
Hasi Majumdar Venkatachalam, MPH ’68
Michael W. Voligny
Thomas G. White, SM ’52
Dyann F. Wirth and Peter K. Wirth
Dr. James Wittmer
Ellen M. and Peter L. Zane
Anthony J. Zangara, MPH ’62
Thelma Zelen